About Us and Partners

The Suffolk Armed Forces Community Covenant is one of many such pledges established across the UK. These 'covenants' include local councils, statutory agencies, voluntary and charity sector organisations and some businesses that effectively represent the local community.

To oversee this pledge in Suffolk the Suffolk Armed Forces Covenant Board has been formed. This includes representation from local military units, military welfare and veteran support agencies, local charities and council officers.  The board is briefed on certain subjects affecting the armed forces community by inviting serivce provider representatives to attend these meetings.  The Covenant Board meet 3 times a year.

Below is a list of local Armed Forces Champions:

Local Authority Armed Forces Point of Contact in Council Armed Forces Point of Contact in Council Email Armed Forces Champion Councillor in Council Name  Armed Forces Champion in Council Email 
Suffolk County Council Jim Brown jim.brown@suffolk.gov.uk Cllr Mick Fraser Mick.Fraser@suffolk.gov.uk
Babergh District Council Richard Baldwin richard.baldwin@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk
Cllr John Hinton john.hinton@babergh.gov.uk
Ipswich Borough Council Dan Cobbett daniel.cobbett@ipswich.gov.uk
Cllr Alasdair Ross Alasdair.Ross@councillors.ipswich.gov.uk
Mid Suffolk District Council Richard Baldwin richard.baldwin@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk
Cllr Barry Humphreys Barry.Humphreys@midsuffolk.gov.uk
West Suffolk Council Davina Howes davina.howes@westsuffolk.gov.uk Cllr Robert Everitt robert.everitt@westsuffolk.gov.uk
East Suffolk Council Paul Grant paul.grant@eastsuffolk.gov.uk Cllr Steve Gallant steve.gallant@eastsuffolk.gov.uk

Local Government
: Suffolk County Council ♦ Babergh District Council ♦ East Suffolk Council ♦ Ipswich Borough Council ♦ Mid Suffolk District Council ♦ West Suffolk Council

Statutory services: Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust ♦ NHS TILS Service (Eastern region) ♦ Suffolk Constabulary and Office of The Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner ♦ DWP Job Centre Plus ♦ East Anglian Reserve Forces & Cadets Association

Armed Forces charities: SSAFA The Armed Forces charity – Suffolk ♦ The Royal British Legion – Suffolk ♦ The Royal Navy Families Federation ♦ The Army Families Federation ♦ The RAF Families Federation ♦ The Poppy Factory ♦ The Regular Forces Employment Agency ♦ Walking with the Wounded ♦ Help for Heroes ♦ Combat 2 Coffee CIC

Community Services: The Church of England (Diocese of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich) ♦ The Matthew Project charity – Outside the Wire ♦ Suffolk Family Carers charity ♦ Home Start Mid & West Suffolk charity